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Dear Mrs. Levine,
In about a month and a half, I'll be graduating from high school. Recently, there's been a lot of bad drama and crazy things happening in my life, so in search of something comforting, I turned to your books.
You were my absolute favorite author growing up. I read all of your books, and then went back and read them all again and again. You write beautifully, and the way your stories retell old ones but with much more depth and magic and relate-ability is something I truly admire! Your books -especially Ella Enchanted - bring me SO much joy. I wanted to be an author when I was young, but somehow have now ended up on the road to a major in astrophysics from the Universoty of Michigan. Once before, years ago, I posted on this page hoping to receive a response from you. Though I have no idea what I asked, I do remember that you responded with kindness and grace, and I was delighted to know the person behind my favorite stores was just as wonderful as her books. I've been thinking about all the people who've helped me get to this point in my life a lot lately, and though I've never met you and you're the author of my favorite books when I was 11, I must thank you for the impact you've had on my life. Your books taught me that girls can be strong, that princesses can be brave and save themselves, and most importantly, to dream. I certainly wouldn't be where I am today if I had never learned not only to dream, but to chase my dreams. So thank you, Mrs. Levine, for bringing light into my life, teaching me so many valuable lessons, and being there for me through your writing. I'm about to reread Fairest for the dozenth time, and I'm sure it will be just as magical as the first.
Emma Brisson
# 2588 - Emma Brisson 04/13/2017 - 22:37 - City: Cheboygan - State: MI - Country: United States
Dear Mrs.Levine,
You have been my favorite author for a long time (I'm 10). It's hard for me to put down your books because they are so wonderful. When I read them I get soaked in to the world you've created. That happened once in second grade when I was reading Ella Enchanted for the first time. My teacher said that we could read for five minutes, but I got so absorbed in the book that I did not hear my teacher say that reading time was over.
Your books are amazing! Thank you for writing
Your biggest fan,
Katie Harper
# 2587 - Katie Harper 04/11/2017 - 18:45 - City: Bountiful - State: Utah - Country: United States Of America
Dear Mrs. Levine,

When I was a child, I would often skip recess and hide away in the school library, hidden amongst the shelves as I searched for new books to read and re-reading old favourites. Ella Enchanted was my favourite book for a very long time, but then you published Fairest - and even though I was a young teenager by that time, I instantly fell in love with it. Never before had a novel spoken so deeply, so strongly, or so personally to me. I have carried that book with me wherever I've gone in life since then, and it continues to remain the most resonating and relatable book that I own to this day.

I am writing this simply to say thank you, as your book has proven to be a great comfort and inspiration to me for all these years, and which I know will continue to be so in the years to come. Fairest gave, and gives me, a character whose feelings and thoughts, hopes and desires, are so incredibly like my own that it is sometimes frightening in their accuracy. Fairest also gave me hope for my own future, which I will always be grateful for. Even though I still have my ups and downs in regards to self-esteem, but whenever I re-read your book, I am reminded that I am not alone.

You, among others, are the ones who have inspired me to be a writer and pursue my own creative endeavours, whether they ever see the light of day or not. Thank you for spreading your love of writing to the next generation, and for sharing your stories with the rest of the world - you have touched more people with your writings than you will probably ever know.


Laura Petker
# 2586 - Laura Petker 04/04/2017 - 01:08 - City: - State: Alberta - Country: Canada
Carley Anne--Thank you! Anything by my friend Virginia Euwer Wolff is guaranteed to be good. Of course I love Jane Austen and Mark Twain.

Jennica Christman--I'm honored you're writing a report about me! Sorry, but I'm saying no to your request for an interview. I'm very busy getting ready for a book tour and writing.

Bethannie--Thank you for the constructive criticism. This is a subject I think about. Just saying, covers are the domain of the publisher, but you might take a look at the cover of my novel EVER and the hardback cover of my novel DAVE AT NIGHT, which is a lot about the Harlem Renaissance and has a major African-American character and at least one minor one.

Isabella Issa--I'm honored that you, too, are doing a report on me! I don't think you should worry about finishing stories. If you keep writing, that will come. I stay with my stories because if I don't, I won't learn how they come out. My blog and my books WRITING MAGIC and WRITER TO WRITER are full of advice for writers. Fun fact: In 2013, 304,912 books were published in the U. S. But China beat us out with 440,000.
# 2585 - Gail Carson Levine 03/28/2017 - 19:13 - City: - State: - Country:
Hello Mrs. Levine, I am a 5th grade student at Kirby Hall School. We had to write an essay due on April 4 about an author and I decided to do you, because Ella Enchanted was the first book that I truly loved. I love to read and write, but I can only write short parts of things because o
nce I start writing, my attention wanders off and I am never able to finish a whole story. I was wondering how you were able to stay focused on something for so long. I was also wondering if there was any advice or fun facts about writing or about your books that you would like to share. I also love your book The Two Princesses of Bamarre because of the courage and love between the two sisters. I just wanted to say thank you, once and for all!
Isabella Issa :-)
P.S. I took a look at your husbands photo blog and just wanted to say that he takes awesome pictures
# 2584 - Isabella Issa 03/26/2017 - 20:31 - City: Austin - State: Texas - Country: United States

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