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Hello Ms. Gail Carson Levine,
I just wanted to let you know how much of I love all the stories I've read so far. I just finished The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre and it made me want to reread The Two Princesses of Bamarre again. I haven't always been very interested in reading when I was younger but I have managed to find not only enjoyment but lasting memories from your books.

I love how you take the time to create an immersive world that draws the reader in. Every time I've reread the The Two Princesses of Bamarre the story has always captivated me and it's one of the few books I return to as I love how Addie rises above her challenges through wit and determination. It also helps that I, like Addie was the younger of two sister.

The Fairies series was amazing and I loved how each character was portrayed, especially Tinkerbell. You really captured her hot headed spirit. Rani was of course my favorite, as well as being able to traverse all over Neverland from a different point of view.

I happened upon Wish when I was in middle school and it just goes to show that time and time again you create such strong heroines that any you child can look up to. I also love how your stories don't always follow the neat happy ending that we were expecting but the endings are never disappointing.

I just wanted to thank you for creating such amazing works and for being able to read them at such a young age as it gave me very many role models to look up to.

I look forward to whatever you write next!
# 2868 - Kristina Nelson 08/17/2021 - 23:12 - City: Zion - State: Il - Country: United States
Dear Gail,
My paperback copy of Ella Enchanted is the most worn book in my entire library. The pages are yellowing and some are bent. there are spiderweb cracks in the art on the front cover, and there are many tiny rips and tears, all of which show just how much I adore this book. I am now almost 20 and well into college but this book continues to be my favorite. In my head I call it my "comfort book" and I could not count how many times I have read it. I know you get these comments a lot but I wanted to add my own. Your book is so beautifully written and it draws me in every time. I love Ella and Mandy and Char and I wish more people knew about this amazing story. Thank you for sharing this story with me. I cannot wait to read it with my kids one day.
P.S. I really wish there were a better movie, more true to the original book, It is just so magical
Thank you for this story.
# 2867 - Mattie 08/10/2021 - 14:11 - City: Wasington - State: DC - Country: United States
Hi Gail,
The first book that I read by you was Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg and I absolutely loved it! Ever since then I’ve been working my way up your books and loving them all.

Thank you for the experiences that the books have made in my life. They have helped me know that I really want to be a writer just like you.

I’ve loved Ella Enchanted over and over again, same with The Wish, and the Princess Tales

Please keep writing,
# 2866 - Emalyn 08/05/2021 - 00:34 - City: Mapleton - State: Utah - Country: United States
Dear Gail
Ella Enchanted is a book I have read annually without fail for the past six years. I am sixteen now and it remains my all-time favourite book. The story never fails to enchant and move me and I look forward to a new discovery each time I read it. Thank you for your contribution to the wonderful world of literature.
# 2865 - Sylvie 07/18/2021 - 11:53 - City: Johannesburg - State: - Country: South Africa
Gail, Ella Enchanted was my first love. I still have my original copy, read so many times that I have had to duct tape the spine. That copy and a new copy are both signed by you and I cherish them. I love all of your books and I became a writer myself because of the inspiration I had from your books. Although I don't have a book published yet, I do write for my career. Thank you for your talent, your imagination, your courage, and your passion. You are amazing.
# 2864 - Sammi Trujillo 07/01/2021 - 13:32 - City: Lehi - State: Utah - Country: United States

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