Sonora cover

Guess which fairy tale this is!

Any apparent similarity between Princess Sonora and her name is false. She does not snore!

I loved making up the variety of fairies who populate The Princess Tales. They're not at all delicate, seven feet tall with fleshy wings. And they're not perfect either. The fairy Aurora, who can't think of a gift for Princess Sonora, doesn't have the sharpest wand in the fairy flock. Belladonna is trouble, like her name, which you may know is a poison in real life. Doesn't it make a deceptively pretty name?

A story is like a jigsaw puzzle, and all the pieces have to fit charmingly together by the end. The piece with the oddest shape in "Sleeping Beauty" is the prince. Why would a young man go through that horrible, spiky hedge to find a princess he's never met? Can you dream up a reason?